Spike Mason’s saxophone achieved a high level of pure melodic play.”

— John Clare - ABC Digital Radio

Anybody can come to these gigs, (private gigs will not be listed) so if you’re at one and hear me playing, please come up and say hello 😀



Join us for an unforgettable experience at the Museum at Inveresk as musician Spike Mason responds to the powerful landscape works of Murray Fredericks in Witness.

The sound of saxophone will add an extra dimension to the experience of Fredericks’ work, allowing interaction between people, light and silence.

First, visitors will explore the exhibition in silence. Then, as sound comes into the space, choose to either stand still, sit still or move around the space, experiencing the works and music in different ways.

As patterns and rhythms come to life, you will have the opportunity to draw, write, and share these with the musician and other participants.